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Starting batteries

Starting batteries – are meant for ignition, start of the internal combustion engine. Their role is to provide electric current strong enough for the engine to start. In vehicles they ensure the power supply of other electric devices. Lead acid batteries have been in use worldwide for a long time. The way lead-acid batteries work has not been essentially changes from the beginning. Developments in technologies, manufacturing process and materials used have continually improved the traits of the batteries. Different types of starting batteries can be found on the market at present. Above all, the difference between them is in storage time and method of maintenance as well as starting capabilities.

Basic distribution of starting batteries is:
    1. batteries with standard ignition strength – used for vehicles with standard equipment without heavy energy consumers.
    2. batteries with greater ignition strength - used for vehicles with additional equipment and devices that need larger battery capacity for uninterrupted driving.
    3. batteries with both starting and discharge role – used for vehicles with extremely heavy energy consumers i.e. double air conditioning, music, amplifiers, computer as well as for boats yachts and other vessels where the battery must have a double role of both ignition and supplying all other energy consumers.



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Varta batteries are the most famous and best-selling brand in Europe. The latest AGM Technology of battery manufacture ensures the leading place for Varta’s automotive batteries in the European market.


Varta black dynamic - for older and smaller cars  

Varta Black Dynamic


Varta Black Dynamic - for smaller and older vehicles, with small number of additional energy consumers, and smaller energy requirements. Ensures timely servicing.
Longer lifespan due to proven silver alloy. Completely maintenance free

Varta blue dynamic - battery with optional prime power  

Varta Blue Dynamic

Varta Blue Dynamic - battery with additional impact strength, for vehicles with increased energy demands and additional consumers. Longer lifespan due to proven silver alloy. Completely maintenance free

Varta silver dynamic - for vehicles with especially high requirements in terms of power  

Varta silver dynamic

Varta silver dynamic - za vozila sa naročito velikim zahtevima u pogledu snage. Idealan za veliki broj električnih potrošača. Longer lifespan due to proven silver alloy. Completely maintenance free.

Varta pro motive and heavy duty  

Varta Pro Motive i Heavy Duty

Varta Pro Motive i Heavy Duty - batteries for freight vehicles. New calcium-silver technology ensures longer servicing interval, improved corrosion resistance and better cold start performance. Completely maintenance free, with extremely reduced water consumption, low self-discharge. Extremely resistant to vibration and difficult working conditions.

The real power for the base START-STOP FUNCTION  

Varta Start - Stop - The real power for the base START-STOP FUNCTION

VARTA Start-Stop batteries with EFB technology is ideally adjusted with the Standard Start-Stop function. When disconnected the engine reliably powers the electric power consumers and guarantee re-ignition engine in a split second. Also has double the higher resistance to cyclic loads than conventional batteries and can be discharged without further loss of functionality.










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